Demente Social

Welcome to the Demente Social demo. You can see the module to the left.


Using the module is quite simple. Here is a screenshot of the admin panel:

As you see you can add as many links as you want. There are three fields per link. The first input is the title of the link. The text you write here will be shown when a visitor hovers over the icon. The second field is the url of the link. For example htttp:// The last field is the icon to be used for that link.

Adding/Replacing icons

You must name your icons after the following format: icon_name_16.png or icon_name_32.png. Then copy them to root/modules/mod_dmt_social/icons/. They should automatically be available for use. Note that the module looks for icons in 16x16 and 32x32 sizes (in pixels). The 16x16 icon is required for the module to display the icon as an option in the configuration.

Changing the hover animation

If you don't like the animation for the hovered state you can remove it by deleting lines 57-60 in root/modules/mod_dmt_social/css/dmt_social.css. You can also add your own rules here.